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Celazole® TF-60V
Celazole® TF-60V is a reinforced blend with glass fibers that provides both thermal and electrical insulation, wear resistance, and dimensional stability. It combines these qualities with cost-effective direct processing. It's an outstanding option for high-temperature electrical ...more

Celazole® TF-60C
Celazole® TF-60C is a carbon-reinforced blend, ideal for parts that require high strength, very low creep, and deflection resistance. An excellent choice for planetary gears, office equipment, as well as applications in the semiconductor, electronics, and mechanical sectors.

Celazole® TL-60
Celazole® TL-60 is a lube grade blend offering superior wear resistance, low friction, chemical resistance and high load bearing capability. This material is highly suitable for rotor vanes, thrust bearings, plain bearings, bushings, and various other applications that involve managing ...more

Celazole® TU-60
Celazole® TU-60 is a high performance unfilled blend, ideal for applications requiring no fillers. This material is particularly effective for intricate shapes and boasts optimal ease of processing. It's an excellent choice for applications like lamp sockets, connectors, and backup seals.

Celazole ® T-Series
The Celazole® T-Series comprises PBI compounds tailored for injection molding and extrusion processes. By blending the impressive mechanical attributes and heat resistance of PBI with the ease of melting associated with polyaryletherketones (such as PEEK or PEKK), these offerings deliver ...more

Celazole® PBI
Celazole®, a trademark of polybenzimidazole from PBI Performance Products, Inc. will now be marketed and distriduted by BIEGLO GmbH in Europe. Polybenzimidazole is an exceptional high performance polymer thanks to its Glass transition temperature (Tg) of 427°C. By appropriate temperature ...more