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Ensinger adds AURUM™ Thermoplastic Polyimide to Portfolio
Ensinger GmbH, a leading provider of high-performance polymers, is adding the thermoplastic polyimide AURUM™ TPI to its injection molding division's portfolio. BIEGLO GmbH distributes AURUM™ while Mitsui Chemicals Inc. manufactures it.Through extensive testing in its in-house technical ...more

Meldin®7000 series
The Meldin®7000 series offers polyimide rods, compression moulded tubes and finished parts. Polyimide rods have a length of 38 inch (965.2 mm). They are available with diameters from 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) to 3-1/4 inch (82.5 mm). Polyimide has extremely high temperature resistance (315 ° C) ...more

Dexnyl© PI-s thermosetting Polyimide
We offer the following Polyimide Powder: Dexnyl© PI8010: Unfilled Polyimid powder, grade used as additives for PTFE. Dexnyl© PI8020: Unfilled Polyimid powder, basic grade in the Dexnyl Polyimid series. Dexnyl© PI8021: Unfilled Polyimid powder, upgrade in the Dexnyl Polyimid ...more

AURUM™ TPI Thermoplastic Polyimide with Tg of 245 ℃
AURUM™ from Mitsui Chemicals Inc. is a highly heat-resistant super-engineering plastic that enables high production efficiency in injection molding and challenges the conventional idea that polyimides provide outstanding performance but are difficult to process. AURUM™ is the only polymer ...more