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  • Extruders and extrusion systems
    • Extrusion systems for pipe and profiles
  • Rotation moulding machines
    • Rotation moulding machines
  • Welding machines
    • Extrusion welding machines
  • Tools, components
    • Plastics milling machines
  • Devices for measuring, control, regulating and testing
    • Weathering devices
    • Measuring and test equipment
    • Temperature and heat quantity controllers and regulators
    • Weighing equipment
AHP is a Result of Innovative Thinking
At AHP we take pride in our ability to consistently develop innovative products that revolutionize industries and improve the product quality of our customers.

Quality Control Testing Equipment for Plastic Raw Materials and Finished Products
AHP is engaged in manufacturing all kinds of routine and custom-made quality control laboratory testing equipment for all sectors of plastics raw materials and finished products(Such as pipes, fittings, valves, plastic tanks, profiles, sheets, films, cables, medical products, textiles, ...more