Trade fair highlight 16. August 2023

Reduce energy consumption with ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid

Compared to conventional hydraulic oils ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid achieves an extraordinary good friction behavior thanks to a newly developed additive technology and thus offers a considerable energy saving potential which has already been successfully proven in practice.

ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid is approved by well-known OEM such as KraussMaffei Technologies (ISO VG 32 & 46), Arburg GmbH & Co. KG (ISO VG 46) and Engel - injection molding machines (ISO VG 46).

Practical application at a European household appliance manufacturer in Romania:
The ENGEL Victory 1350h/500W/260 combi with an oil volume of 670 liters, an electronic control unit allowing a detailed monitoring of the total energy consumption was operated over a period of 4 weeks each under identical production parameters first with the competitor product and then with ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid 46. I.e. during the test period the same tool was used, raw material and manufactured parts were identical in both cycles.
The energy consumption of the hydraulic system as well as of the heating system during operation with ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid was below the values of the competitive oil. With a saving of 7.7 % of the total energy consumption ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid again proved its potential. In the long run, De'Longhi Romania can significantly reduce the energy consumption in the production with the use of ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid 46, while at the same time operating the equipment safely and with highest precision.