Product novelty 01. August 2023

LOOP PRO X Series: 3D-Printers from LOOP 3D

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3D-Printer LOOP PRO X
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LOOP PRO X 3D-Printer Fleet
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LOOP 3D LOOP PRO X 3D-Printer with components
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LOOP 3D LOOP PRO X 3D-Printer for helmet creation
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The LOOP PRO X Series consists of the 3D printers LOOP PRO X and LOOP PRO X+, which combine innovation, performance, and versatility. Designed to meet the demands of professional applications, these 3D printers deliver impressive, high-precision results in the production of functional prototypes and end-use parts. One outstanding feature is their build volume, which provides ample space for manufacturing large models or multiple small objects in a single printing process.

One differentiating feature between the two 3D printers is the number of extruders. While the LOOP PRO X comes with one extruder, the LOOP PRO X+ is equipped with two extruders. This allows the use of two materials within a 3D print. The range of materials for both 3D printers is wide, including various nylon materials (DYNAMIDE®) from LOOP 3D, as well as materials from third-party providers. From the automotive and aerospace industries to architectural offices and educational institutions, the LOOP PRO X Series 3D printers cover a variety of professional applications.

Equipped with user-friendly touchscreens and intuitive interfaces, navigating through the printer settings and functions becomes an effortless experience. The included slicing software, LOOP 3D CLOUD, enables efficient model preparation and print management.

Durability and reliability are further essential features of the LOOP PRO X Series. Thanks to high-quality materials and robust construction, these 3D printers are designed to handle continuous use and deliver consistent results.

If you want to get to know the LOOP 3D 3D printers in detail, visit us at our booth at Fakuma, where the LOOP PRO X+ will be available on-site. For initial information about the 3D printers, you can find resources in the download area.