Product novelty 01. August 2023

Raise3D 3D-Printers: Raise3D Pro3

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Raise3D Pro3 Series
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Raise3D Pro3 3D-Printer
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Raise3D Pro3 Plus 3D-Printer
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Raise3D E2 3D-Printer
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In the 3D MODEL range, you can find the Raise3D 3D printers from the Raise3D Pro 3 Series, as well as the Raise3D E2 and Raise3D E2CF.

Present at the Fakuma trade fair is the highly precise and reliable Raise3D Pro3 Dual-Extruder 3D printer from the Raise3D Pro 3 Series, which offers innovative, professional solutions for a variety of applications. With a generous build volume, it enables the printing of large-sized objects or multiple parts in a single pass. This allows for the production of both prototypes and end-use parts.

The compatibility with a wide range of materials is another advantage of the Raise3D Pro3. From standard filaments like PLA and ABS to advanced engineering materials like Nylon and PETG, its versatility allows users to tailor projects to specific requirements.

The operation of the Raise3D Pro3 is as remarkable as its performance. With a user-friendly touchscreen and an intuitive interface, controlling the prints and preparing the objects becomes a breeze. Even for beginners in 3D printing, the Raise3D Pro3 offers an effortless and smooth experience.

The powerful slicing software ideaMaker by Raise3D ensures that the models are efficiently converted into printable files.

Be inspired by the performance and precision of this 3D printer at our booth at Fakuma. Both the 3D printer and numerous components are available for viewing. You can find initial information about the 3D printer in the download area.