Product novelty 11. December 2023

Dexnyl© R-PEEK natural 450 Granul.

PEEK as a high-performance thermoplastic loses only a few of its great properties during reprocessing; this holds true for granules as well as semi-finished parts. BIEGLO GmbH ensures to recycle PEEK in a quality assured way which fosters environmental as well as economical sustainability, thus helping it not to end up in an incineration plant.

While reprocessing PEEK the residues are sorted and the PEEK-melt is filtered before granulation. Melt-filtration guarantees continuous high quality of BIEGLO's R-PEEK granules. Thus, with R PEEK 450G BIEGLO GmbH brings a top HPP thermoplastic to the market at an economical price which are about 50% less than that of virgin granules.Melt filtration is used when Dexnyl® R-PEEK 450 Granul. is produced