Product novelty 11. December 2023

Seals, Gaskets, Bearings

Seals made of Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) are used in severe environments where other materials fail, e. g. in high temperature environments. PEEK seals offer excellent dry-running capability and sealing after a short break-in period.

PEEK and Polyimide is often used for seals that are subjected to high stress. Virgin PEEK imparts very good tribological properties, a high temperature resistance and an exceptional chemical resistance. In general, longer life and reduced maintenance intensity can be observed with PEEK-Seals. In addition, the self-lubricating property of PEEK makes the use of oil superfluous. PEEK sealing rings are used in the oil & gas, medical, and chemical industries.

Advantages over PTFE:

- Maximum continuous service temperature of PEEK is 250 ° C (for PTFE 180 ° C)
- Improved wear
- Higher mechanical strength
- Higher hardness
- Better rigidity
- Can be injection molded

BIEGLO high temperature plastics are used as a metal substitute particularly suitable for lightweight. A bearing made of PEEK weighs much less than one made of metal. At very high stress, sliding speeds and / or temperatures, PEEK can also be modified with carbon or glass fibres. To improve the sliding properties of bearings, a PEEK-PTFE compound is suitable.

Slide bearings made of PEEK, PAI, PI, PBI are used in modern mechanical engineering, in construction machines, in medical technology, in conveyor technology and in water turbines. PEEK bearings are also used in pumps, compressors or in offshore installations.