Product novelty 06. September 2023

PolishPeen 770 DH - Automatic polish blasting equipment for mould and tool making

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Automatic polish blasting equipment PolishPeen 770 DH
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Automatic polish blasting equipment PolishPeen 770 DH
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Automatic polish blasting equipment PolishPeen 770 DH
Automatic polishing with our new polishing blasting unit PolishPeen 770 DH
- Gloss polish and removal of droplets (PVD/ CVD coatings) on cutting tools
- Ultra-fine polishing on stamping, cutting and forming tools
- Smoothening and polishing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry
- Finish gloss of watches and jewellery parts

Polish blasting cabin for automatic processing of cylindrical workpieces up to a height of 150 mm, a maximum diameter of 120 mm and a maximum unit weight of 5 kg. Loading and unloading of the workpieces takes place at the front of the machine. The customer parts are polished automatically in the machine according to predefined parameters by means of a rotary drive and Z-axis.

For this purpose, the workpieces are placed on the workpiece holders in the polish blasting equipment. During the polish blasting process, the workpiece rotates and is treated with the set number of stroke cycles or the set polish blasting time with the polish blasting agent used. As soon as the process is completed, the workpieces are freed from the polish blasting agent of the preceding process by a blow-off device.

The machine is operated via the touch panel (HMI).

- The process parameters of the various workpieces can be stored in recipes
- The current process parameters are shown on the display
- Intuitive graphical user interface
- Automatic operating mode
- User management
- Error message management
- Hour counter of polish blasting time for relevant components