Product novelty 12. September 2023

Sustainable Display Tray for HB RTS

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Sustainable Display tray
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FEM simulation Sustainable Display Tray
BPO has developed a revolutionary new display system in collaboration with HB RTS and Hollarts. The durable display replaces cardboard displays in, for example, supermarkets with reusable plastic trays with interchangeable cardboard inserts.

Using simulations, the uprights and the deflection of the bottom were analysed and optimised, among other things. The tops of the uprights have an ingenious and patented fit with the tray above, so that the uprights can withstand much more load and can be made slimmer. The displays can be stacked up to six high and must also be able to be transported. Horizontal accelerations in particular are critical here. By simulating this situation, the uprights and the angles of the tray could be optimised so that they meet the toughest transport requirements.

One of the biggest challenges in designing a tray with folding uprights is that a stacked display needs to be as stable as possible. In the design process, much attention was paid to tolerances and stacking, both folded and unfolded. By using injection moulding analysis, the geometry has been further optimised to minimise warping during production. This has resulted in a display that is stable and at the same time easy to fold and stack.