Product novelty 09. October 2023

ALLROUNDER 520 H: New hybrid machine celebrates Fakuma premiere

One highlight at the Fakuma 2023 is the premiere of the ALLROUNDER 520 H with a clamping force of 1.500 kN. The new machine in the hybrid HIDRIVE series with innovative machine technology is particularly good at saving energy and conserving resources, as well as being production-efficient, user-friendly and reliable.

The new hybrid machines featuring an optimised energy footprint and reduced cycle times. Compared to all-electric and hydraulic machines, they are characterised by significantly reduced acquisition and operating costs as well as a better energy and carbon footprint. the new ALLROUNDERs require up to 35% less oil. The required cooling water capacity can be reduced by up to 70%. The dry cycle time is also reduced by around 40 %.

The exhibit, an ALLROUNDER 520 H "Premium", will use a 1+1+1-cavity mould to produce three different moulded parts from ABS: a machine base, a feed hopper, and a controller. These three components round off a set of 15 parts for a ALLROUNDER on a scale of 1:18. The new MULTILIFT SELECT 8 linear robotic system removes the moulded parts and places them in a box. A box changer ensures an autonomy of about two hours. In this application, the Moldlife Sense computer system enables sensor-controlled mould monitoring over the complete life cycle.

A novelty in the new hybrid ALLROUNDER "Premium" machines is flow splitting as standard, with cutting-edge Varan valve technology used to split the main pump's available flow volume when required. This enables simultaneous movements of hydraulic auxiliary axes with programmable control. Thanks to its many options, the ALLROUNDER 520 H can be adapted precisely to individual customer requirements. Like the size 470 H machine, it is available in three performance variants: "Comfort", "Premium" and "Ultimate".