Product novelty 11. December 2023


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ARLEN™ PPA is a modified polyamide 6T. This is a high-functional resin with a good balance of high heat resistance and low water absorption. Approximately 40 years have passed since the creation of ARLEN™ by Mitsui Chemicals. The resin still keeps evolving further by grasping the changes of the times and absorbing customer needs, while it is used in a wide variety of fields and applications. Its properties include a melting point of 310°C to 330°C which is compatible with lead free soldering.

ARLEN™ PPA is adopted for use in electric applications. It minimizes the generation of blisters and ensure it can withstand the high heat of reflow soldering without any problems, especially for lead-free soldering.
In on-vehicle applications it has found extensive use in electrical and electronic parts like connectors. In cooling components such as water jacket spacers and break elements and even in harsh environments like engine rooms, it keeps its strength and dimension for a long time.

ARLEN™ PPA high performance thermoplastic manufactured by Mitsui Chemicals Europe is now marketed by BIEGLO GmbH

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