Product novelty 11. December 2023

AURUM™ TPI Thermoplastic Polyimide with Tg of 245 ℃

AURUM™ from Mitsui Chemicals Inc. is a highly heat-resistant super-engineering plastic that enables high production efficiency in injection molding and challenges the conventional idea that polyimides provide outstanding performance but are difficult to process.
AURUM™ is the only polymer (TPI) with a glass transition temperature Tg of 245℃, making it suitable for high temperature applications. With proven applications such as powder coating for insulation and wire coating in electronics, AURUM™ outperforms other polymers such as PEEK and PTFE. AURUM™ is melt-processable and is therefore suitable for manufacturing processes such as injection molding and extrusion.
Properties such as high temperature stiffness above 150 ℃ and the possibility of fiber reinforcement (modulus of elasticity 3 > 22 GPa) prove that AURUM™ is easier to process than PEEK. Thanks to this property, AURUM™ is used in the automotive industry in thrust washers, sealing rings, bearing holders and bearings. In the aircraft industry it is used in structural components of aircraft engines.
The expansion coefficient of Compounded AURUM™ can be controlled. This property of AURUM™ makes it a suitable material not only for automobiles, but also for pistons, oil pumps and oil seals in construction machinery.
AURUM™ has the highest critical PV value of all thermoplastic resins in an unlubricated sliding atmosphere. This property is useful in applications in bearing holders, thrust washers, seals, etc.

To learn more about AURUM™, please visit the Mitsui Chemicals website and the website from Bieglo GmbH