Product novelty 11. December 2023

Celazole® PBI

Celazole®, a trademark of polybenzimidazole from PBI Performance Products, Inc. will now be marketed and distriduted by BIEGLO GmbH in Europe.
Polybenzimidazole is an exceptional high performance polymer thanks to its Glass transition temperature (Tg) of 427°C. By appropriate temperature and pressure control Celazole® PBI can be molded for use in high performance applications. It is a unique and highly stable heterocyclic polymer, characterized by high thermal stability, high strength, broad chemical resistance and compatibility with polymers including the Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family. Celazole® T-Series has applications across multiple industries including industrial, semiconductor, petro/chemical, aerospace. The advantage of T-Series over PEEK is a set of features that results from the combination with PBI and other fillers that yield higher heat deflection temperatures (HDT), higher moduli, higher strength, improved wear resistance and lower creep. Celazole T-series blends show HDT values up to 330°C, just below the crystalline melting point of PEEK.
Celazole® T-Series are PBI-PAEK polymer compounds especially suitable for injection molding. These blends combine the superior mechanical properties and thermal resistance of PBI with the melt processability of PAEK polymers. By this combination they offer cost-effective serial production of ultra-high performance technical parts.