Product novelty 28. September 2023

ALLROUNDER MORE 2000: Two-component process combines LSR and thermoplastic

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An multi-component ALLROUNDER MORE 2000 produces functional 2C-boxes made of PBT and LSR
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ALLROUNDER MORE: more space for larger moulds, rotary units, media connections and a ejector stroke
An ALLROUNDER MORE 2000 with two electric injection units demonstrates how functional integration can save time and money in multi-component injection moulding. The exhibit will produce a multifunctional box from liquid silicone and thermoplastic in a reliable, reproducible and energy-efficient process.

The modular ALLROUNDERs from the MORE series offer increased space for moulds, more modularity in assembly, and many optimised features for greater ease of use and simple maintenance. ARBURG developed this series especially for multi-component injection moulding. A horizontal L-position will be used for the trade fair application. This makes the two injection units easily accessible. The result is easy maintenance and handling of the peripheral equipment.

The exhibit with two electric injection units in sizes 200 and 400 will produce a two-component multifunctional box made of PBT and self-adhesive LSR. The associated LSR dosing unit is integrated via OPC UA and Euromap 82.3 into the GESTICA controller. First to be produced is the PBT pre-moulded part, which is then converted in the 1+1-cavity mould so that the LSR component can finally be injected. The box is finally placed on a conveyor belt by a MULTILIFT V 30 linear robotic system.

As a fluorescent marker has been added to the thermoplastic component, the box – which is not identifiable by the end consumer – is clearly marked. This technology from ARBURG's partner Polysecure allows products to be clearly traced, distinguished from counterfeits and, if necessary, sorted by material.