Product novelty 09. October 2023

ALLROUNDER 470 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC: Flexible turnkey system will produce dolphins

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An ALLROUNDER 470 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC produces dolphins
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The dolphins are made from recycled fishing nets
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The moulded parts will be handled by a YASKAWA six-axis robot
A production cell built around ALLROUNDER 470 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC will be producing small plastic dolphins fully automatically. The material used will be a post-consumer recyclate (PCR) made from old fishing nets.

The flexible turnkey solution shows how a technically sophisticated process can be implemented efficiently and reliably. To achieve this, ARBURG contributes its comprehensive expertise in injection moulding and automation and relies on cooperation with renowned partners.

The electric injection moulding machine produces with a 1+1-cavity mould two curved upper and lower shells of the dolphin in a cycle time of around 30 s. Handling is performed by a YASKAWA six-axis robot integrated into the control system. Welding the injection-moulded polyolefin parts using ultrasound and then pad printing them are also challenging tasks in terms of application technology. The finished product is finally deposited on a conveyor belt.

The material processed is a post-consumer recyclate (PCR) based on high-density polyethylene (HDPE, Healix XHD-FN) obtained from used fishing nets. As a result, plastic waste is turned into a new, long-lasting product with a significantly improved carbon footprint. For the reliable processing of recyclates, which can fluctuate in quality, Arburg's range of products and services includes a recyclate package and various pilot functions.

One innovation used for this application is "aXw Control RecyclatePilot", which analyses the injection process without additional sensors in the mould, detects deviations from a previously stored reference and ensures consistent mould filling by means of adaptive control of the injection process.