Product novelty 20. September 2023

Cold Jet launches the i3® MicroClean 2™, the latest and patented microparticle SMART dry ice blaster

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MicroClean 2™, the latest (and greatest) patented, gentle cleaning microparticle SMART dry ice blast
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MicroClean 2 - Convenient storage of application nozzles and dry ice
The i3 MicroClean 2, a shaved dry ice microparticle blaster designed for precision cleaning. The machine improves upon the i3® MicroClean™ and offers improved performance, more versatile cleaning capabilities with a wider application range, and more efficient operation with a significant reduction in the use of consumables. Internal tests prove that the MicroClean 2 offers a boost in performance by more than 25%, enabling operators to clean faster with a pulse-free blast stream. It also reduces operational costs by decreasing overall consumable usage by more than 25%, providing cost savings for cleaning operations. Equipped with a 7” LCD screen with digital controls and an intuitive HMI display, operators can easily view and control blasting parameters and machine settings. The machine also provides users the opportunity to make programmable and password-protected application recipes. This allows users to set and save blasting parameters, such as blast pressure and feed rate, ensuring the best results and most efficient usage for each unique application. Other features of the display include an LED dry ice level indicator and a screen lock feature, enabling complete control of blasting operations. The machine offers a new lightweight and compact design for easier transportability while incorporating a full stainless steel body based on a rigid aluminum frame for enhanced durability. Other improvements include a built-in cabinet with drawers for convenient storage of application nozzles and dry ice, and redesigned blast hoses and applicators for greater flexibility and durability. With customizable packages, the MicroClean 2 provides users the option to use dry ice blocks, pellets, or nuggets depending on what is available in their area. With the latest IoT platform, Cold Jet CONNECT, users now have the ability to harness machine data to make data-driven decisions for improving processes within their company.