Product novelty 02. August 2023

Markforged Mark Two 3D-Printer

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Markforged Mark Two 3D-Printer
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Markforged Mark Two 3D-Printer in action
The Markforged Mark Two FFF Desktop 3D printer delivers highly precise and reproducible parts in industrial quality. The innovative machine allows printing with a variety of materials, including Onyx, Nylon, and precision PLA. The potential for continuous fiber reinforcement enables the 3D-printed parts to surpass even machine-produced aluminum parts in strength. In addition to end-use parts, prototypes can also be produced. The 3D-printed parts offer unique strength, rigidity, and durability. The 3D printer has a high-quality processing and is very user-friendly to operate.

For more information, please refer to the materials available in the download section. We also welcome you to visit our booth at Fakuma, where we can provide personalized advice.