Product novelty 02. August 2023

Markforged X7 3D-Printer

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Markforged X7 3D-Printer
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Markforged X7 3D-Printer
The Markforged X7 is a powerful FFF 3D printer to industrial standards, offering precision and robustness combined. It was designed to reliably withstand the highest demands. Compared to traditional methods, this 3D printer provides significant time savings in the manufacturing process, along with substantial cost and weight reduction per part.
With its continuous fiber reinforcement technology, it can produce parts with exceptional strength and durability. Materials such as Onyx or Nylon are used as the base, and parts can be reinforced with continuous fibers like carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar.

The X7 is suitable for producing functional prototypes as well as end-use applications. During the printing process, an integrated laser checks the accuracy, ensuring uniformly high-quality parts.

Learn more about the Markforged X7 3D printer in our download section or visit our booth at Fakuma for further information.