Product novelty 02. August 2023

Artec 3D 3D-Scanners

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Artec 3D 3D-Scanner Product Overview
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Artec Space Spider in usage
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Artec Eva in usage
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Artec Leo in usage
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Artec 3D scanners, developed by Artec 3D, are innovative and state-of-the-art 3D scanning solutions that revolutionize the way real-world objects can be captured and digitized. The Artec 3D scanners, including Artec Eva, Artec Eva Lite, Artec Leo, Artec Space Spider, Artec Micro, and Artec Ray II, offer exceptional accuracy, speed, and versatility, making them the top choice for various industries.

With Artec 3D scanners, users can effortlessly scan objects of all sizes and complexities - from small intricate artifacts to large-scale industrial components. The 3D scanners utilize advanced technologies such as structured light and laser to capture every detail with astonishing precision.

Whether in engineering, design, quality control, healthcare, or cultural preservation, Artec 3D scanners deliver unparalleled performance. They seamlessly integrate with various software applications, enabling smooth post-processing and 3D modeling.

Artec 3D scanners empower professionals to accelerate workflows, improve product development, optimize documentation, and simplify the reverse engineering process. Additionally, they play a crucial role in creating lifelike 3D visualizations and virtual reality experiences.

Experience the world of 3D scanning and discover the countless possibilities of this technology at the 3D-MODEL booth at Fakuma. Our expert staff will be delighted to provide personalized advice. You can also find further information in the download area.