Product novelty 02. August 2023

3DCERAM 3D-Printers

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3DCeram C900 Hybrid 3D-Printer
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3DCeram C3600 Ultimate 3D-Printer
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3DCeram 3D-printed Ceramics
The 3DCERAM 3D printers are innovative solutions for the additive manufacturing process. In the field of ceramic 3D printing technology, 3DCERAM offers a wide range of possibilities for producing highly precise ceramic components. Their advanced machines enable the fabrication of complex structures with exceptional accuracy and quality.

These 3D printers are ideal for industries such as aerospace, medical technology, electronics, and many others that demand high-performance ceramic parts. Prototypes and end-use applications can be realized cost-effectively and quickly using these 3D printers.

By using various ceramic materials such as zirconia, alumina, or silicon nitride, they offer versatile options for customization to specific requirements.

Feel free to visit our booth, and our experts in additive manufacturing will provide detailed advice on ceramic 3D printing. In the 3D-MODEL product portfolio, you will find the following 3DCERAM 3D printers: 3DCERAM C101 EASY FAB, 3DCERAM C101 EASY LAB, 3DCERAM C900 FLEX, 3DCERAM C900 HYBRID, 3DCERAM C1000 FLEXMATIC, 3DCERAM C3600 ULTIMATE, and 3DCERAM M.A.T..