Sustainability 29. July 2020

The environmentally friendly cleaning solution - dy ice blasting

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Environmentally friendly dry ice blasting
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Dry ice blasting is environmentally friendly
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As the industry leader in dry ice technology, Cold Jet not only promotes environmentally beneficial cleaning practices, but we also ensure that our machines and our packaging environmentally responsible.

1. The new Aero2 Line was created with minimum impact on the environment in mind
Our newest line specifically caters to maximum control in cleaning as well as the most efficient use of resources. Much of the material in the new machines can be recycled. Our engineers created the PCS 60, for example, with 80% recyclable materials.

In fact, the tires on the Aero2 series are made of crumb rubber. This material is derived from reducing scrap tires into uniform granules after removing other contaminants. When the scrap tires are recycled, the steel and tire cord are removed and the rubber is ground down. It’s then processed to reduce it into particles, or crumbs, and purified of any removing bits of steel or fiber.

Recycled tires are just one of the features that distinguish the Aero2 Line as environmentally friendly.

Our products aren’t just made with our customers in mind – they’re made with the whole planet in mind. That’s what sets us apart. And that’s a driving factor in why we reinvented dry ice blasting.

2. Cold Jet packaging is specifically designed to be environmentally responsible
Not only are Cold Jet machines the most efficient in the industry, but they also are engineered with responsibility to the environment in mind. One way our engineers accomplish that is through packaging. Every piece of Cold Jet packaging was thought through to be the most eco-friendly option.