A-Len d.o.o.

Exhibition hall FW – Booth FW-09


A-Len d.o.o.
8 Pristaniška ulica
SI-6000 Koper

+386 313 01 365

Product overview

  • Fillers

  • Additives
  • Additive concentrates

  • Masterbatch

New products

Trade mark A-Len belongs to international group of companies, which develops, manufactures and sells CaCO3 filler masterbatches of high-class quality. We are trading with CaCO3 filler masterbatches to PP and PE from 1999 and from 2008 we are the exclusive distributors of masterbatches under trademark A-Len. In 2016 we founded EU branch in Koper, Slovenia. We offer the ready technologic decision supported by reasonable pricing policy as well as constantly high level of service. Wellcome to visit our stand FW-09 at the Fakuma show and you will know all about our new products!


Marjan Pe?ar

+386 31 301 615