Alba tooling & engineering

Exhibition hall A7 – Booth A7-7313

Product overview

Press systems
  • Forming presses and injection presses

Thermoforming, forming and press tools
  • Thermoforming machines

Machines for producing foams and processing reaction resins
  • Machines for producing foams and foamed parts
  • Reaction moulding machines and systems

Machines and equipment for rapid prototyping
  • Plastics design engineering / product development

Tools, components
  • Forming tools, others
  • Handling accessories for moulds
  • Tool changing systems

Semifinished goods, precision parts and reinforced plastic products
  • Automobile and vehicle parts
  • Assemblies made of plastic and purchased parts
  • Thermosetting plastics processing
  • Pre-series samples and small series production
  • Foam products
  • Thermoformed parts (deep-drawn parts)

  • Work safety and engineering
  • CAD/CAM services
  • Design engineering

Additional information