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ECON Color Masterbatch Edition

ECON Color Masterbatch Edition
ECON Color Masterbatch Edition

ECON is the leading provider of underwater pelletizing technology with thermally insulated die plates. The thermal insulation ensures that the melt will not “freeze”. Finding the right solution to optimize the production processes of every individual customer is our focus.

Therefore, ECON has developed and designed a unique Water Treatment & Drying System for the special requirements of Color-Masterbatch production. This system provides major advantages:

• fast and efficient changeover of material due to straightforward accessibility
• cleaning of all important components in less than 20 minutes
• easy and quick access to all components
• higher quality without lumps due to prevention of sedimentation
• fast exchange of rotor and screen

For the production of Color-Masterbatch an efficient cleaning of the components is very important to save costs and resources. ECON provides the perfect solution for this requirement. The unique adapted ECON Water Treatment & Drying System enables a fast and easy cleaning of the relevant components, due to straightforward accessibility and a compatible construction. This allows an efficient changeover of material in less than 20 minutes.


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