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The advantages of a more efficient cleaning with Ultra Plast

The use of purging compounds is increasing each year worldwide, as by now more and more plastic processors recognize clearly the advantages of an efficient and good cleaning and consequently efficient maintenance for the machines.
++ First of all the use of the production resin for the cleaning operation is drastically reduced, as huge amounts of the resin can be replaced by just few kg of a specific purging compound.
++ Second, the so-called dead times for a color and/or material change cause high costs decreasing productivity remarkably.
These costs as well as the time for the cleaning operation can be reduced drastically with the use of a good purging compound.
++ Further advantages are given by thew formulation of the grades: all components are 100% food safe accordingly to the latest legislation.
ULTRA PLAST can be used in all branches and sector, starting from food packaging up to pharma and medical applications.


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