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Moulding solutions for Beauty Care and fragrances

The dispensing devices are specially designed for the exact dosing of product, such as bath gel, soap, moisturizers or hydro-alcoholic gel.

This type of closure-dispenser has become an essential packaging in recent times. Accurate dosing per use has made dispensing pumps popular with the consumer.

Matrix Injection Molds designs and manufactures complete dispensing systems. A pump system consists of plastic multiparts that lead to the creation of different molds.

The set of parts must fit together perfectly to ensure operation. This is why the joint development of the different molds is really important: dimensional tolerances, part thickness or watertight closure.

The metering pump parts are:

·Closure: the part of the pump that fastens to the bottle neck, usually featuring a smooth or ribbed surface
·Actuator: this is the top of the pump, also known as the pump head, that is pressed down to dispense the product
·Outer gasket: fits inside the closure and is usually made of plastic or rubber, responsible for preventing product leakage
·Housing: the main pump assembly that keeps pump components in the right position and sends fluids into the actuator
·Dip tube: the visible tube that extends from the housing to the bottom of the container that carries fluids up for dispensing
·Interior components: a variety of parts including a spring, ball, piston, and / or stem that helps move the product from the container to the actuator.

You can order the pump output style that best suits your needs based on the type of product you are bottling.


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