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HiS VARIO W for cable to terminal applications

Ultrasonic welding machine with safety cell as a manual work station.

The HiS VARIO W can be configured modularly for a wide range of applications. All elements for a quick change of applications have been redesigned and set up in such a way that tools and equipment can be changed effortlessly and clamped quickly. Production quality, safety, and ergonomics are the top priority.

Weld system without safety cell for integration into production lines optionally available.

Precise alignment:
- Quick and safe fine adjustment of the individual functional elements such as sonotrode position, sideshift, cable clamping, cable stop
- Optimum support of the sonotrode in the holder for reproducible weld results

Quick and easy application change:
- Innovative equipment concept for a wide range of parts and applications
- Equipment indexed and changeable by plug-in connections
- Quickly exchangeable format sets

Reproducible and safe tool change:
- Innovative design of sonotrode and holder guarantees stability
- Precise sonotrode change within just a few minutes
- Clamping system for changing the weld tool holder

Basic functions:
- Cable stop
- Cable clamping
- Sideshift
- Terminal clamping
- Sonotrode cooling

Auxiliary functions retrofittable:
- Suspect part cutter
- Part ejector
- Anvil cooling
- Terminal damping
- Converter cooling

Selection of different weld force ranges:
- Weld forces of up to 6000 N

Configuration options in the safety cell:
- Height-adjustable foot support
- Individual access option

- Standing or seated work station
- All change and adjustment work can be carried out from the front
- Intuitive handling of operating and functional elements
- HMI operating cockpit individually adjustable in height and inclination
- Short gripping distances
- Safe loading thanks to glare-free LED work space illumination


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