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The new TEMPRO plus D M120 temperature controller

PRO plus D M120
PRO plus D M120

In 2019, the pressurized TEMPRO plus D M100 temperature controller quickly established itself on the market with impressive sales figures. Following the introduction of this unit, targeted market research revealed a similarly great demand for a directly cooled pressurized appliance of the same size. The secret of WITTMANN’s success lies in the development of need-oriented innovative products in line with the market, so the company decided to respond to the call and fulfill its customers’ wish for a corresponding directly cooled pressurized model. On the traditional date for the Fakuma trade fair, WITTMANN will now present its new, directly cooled TEMPRO plus D M120, in a single-circuit as well as a dual-circuit version. The latter is the first directly cooled dual-circuit appliance from WITTMANN.


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