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ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH - RS MULTICUT Cutting machines - type OC NG orbital cutter

RS MULTICUT Orbital cutter OC NG
RS MULTICUT Orbital cutter OC NG

The ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH product range includes system solutions for a wide range of cutting jobs. The entire product range of the RS MULTICUT cutting machines has been completely revised and partly completely redesigned.

The range of application for the RS MULTICUT systems is the production field of plastic and rubber extrusion for the manufacturing of hoses, pipes, profiles, strips from the smallest diameter ranges down to 1 mm in medical technology up to pipes with a diameter of approx. 100 mm. However, all other cutting jobs are also possible, from confectionery to sliding strips.

The systems work in the extrusion line or outside the line from the coil, from the coil bundle or from the pallet and are adapted to the wishes and needs of the customers in order to achieve the best possible effectiveness.

Cutting to length, cutting, cutting off, pull off, transport with or without tension, line-independent work by means of loop controls, discharge, blow off or throw off, collection and sorting in pans, cartons, boxes or bags.

The different feed and discharge systems and picking devices are made according to customer requirements.

RS MULTICUT Orbitalschneider – type OC NG

The completely redesigned OC NG replaces the old generation OC-15 / OC-65. The OC NG is an "on the fly" cutting system for precise, fast and clean cutting of semi-hard and hard pipes made of plastic, rubber, plastic composite with aluminum or copper pipe inside or rubber with Kevlar etc. The system is characterized by a clean, chip-free, right-angled cut.
All important cutting parameters can be adjusted in the control during the process and optimized according to requirements. The new OC NG is offered in the usual quality, but now at a particularly attractive price. This model is also available as high speed version OC NG hs.

A revolutionary cutting system instead of saws, guillotines etc.


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