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ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH - RS MULTICUT Cutting machines - type RB NG caterpillar take-off

RS MULTICUT RB NG caterpillar take-off
RS MULTICUT RB NG caterpillar take-off

The RS MULTICUT caterpillar take-off units, type RB NG are characterized by their robust construction and the most modern technology:

• state-of-the-art control,
• with quick change of the discharge belts without tools,
• state-of-the-art drive technology through servo direct drives,
• wide delivery program with caterpillar belts of 50-200 mm width,
• tape or contact lengths of 250/600/1000 mm as well as special designs,
• special equipment according to customer requirements,
• FDA compliant,
• special material guides,
• measuring and detection systems, slitting devices etc.,
• picking devices for fast and automatic removal of cut parts into collecting trays, containers, boxes or bags.

The RS MULTICUT RB NG caterpillar is suitable for cutting profiles, hoses, extruded profiles, pipes and cables with no slippage or deformation. The belts are driven by servo motors. In addition, an upper drive can be selected, to achieve a slip-free and deformation-free take off and an increased pull off force of the products. The upper belt can be adjusted manually using a handwheel or electrically to the product-dependent gap size. The upper belt can be pneumatically lifted at the push of a button for better product introduction. Different belt materials, depending on the product, guarantee careful pulling and transport.


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