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ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH - RS MULTICUT Combi-cutting machine - type CC NG

RS MULTICUT combi cutting machine type CC NG
RS MULTICUT combi cutting machine type CC NG

The combi-cutting system consists of the tried and tested caterpillar take-off RB NG and the rotary cutter MC NG from the RS MULTICUT machine series for cutting plastic and rubber profiles / hoses to length.

In the caterpillar take-off, a servo motor with digital drive controllers guarantees a precise and constant transport speed of the product. The speed signal is processed internally to control the integrated rotary cutter.

The downstream rotary cutter works by means of an electronic cam disc application. Based on the production speed, the selected cutting speed and the target length, an optimized movement profile of the cutting blade is continuously calculated. This way the product is cut vertically and neatly between the two coordinated product guide bushes at max. cutting speed. This cam disc application combines the advantages of cyclical and continuous operation and guarantees an optimized length precision. All process-related parameters can be changed on the control panel during operation. The MC NG can be supplied for dry and wet cutting.

The combi-cutting system can optionally be used in positioning mode. In this operating mode, the cut takes place when the product is at a standstill. Made of stainless steel or in conformity with FDA.


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