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ECONia - the first fully automated pelletizing system

ECONia combines the advantages of thermal separation and Industry 4.0 in an innovative, new way. An integrated robot takes over the usual operating processes, making a fully automated line become reality. The manual start-up process of the machine and the manual change of the knife carrier are now a thing of the past. The operator can efficiently operate and control up to 10 lines from only one control center. An inline monitoring system (ECON Pellet Vision) monitors the pellets to ensure the best quality possible. If the system measures deviations, the parameters are adjusted automatically to achieve the best results.

quality first – the implemented ECON Pellet Vision (inline monitoring system) guarantees the production of high-quality pellets and reduces large amounts of off-spec material

secure – high safety level for the operator

stable – the automated process and ECON Pellet Vision ensure high process stability

efficient – the automated process significantly reduces the cost intensive production downtimes during start-up processes and knife carrier changes

economical – due to several automated processes, less manpower is required

In addition, ECONia has all the advantages of thermal separation, which guarantees the best production process possible.


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