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Biocompound for biodegradable film

Biocompound for biodegradable film
Biocompound for blown film

BSB-002R film grade is a range of biodegradable film grades. It is based on a varying ratio between native potato starch, biodegradable polyester, and other additives. It can have a bio-based content of up to 90%.

BSB-002R is a compostable and certified product with a Green Carbon content of 30%.

BSB-002R is a recycled compound suitable for film blowing applications and is specially developed for carrier bags, can be mixed with virgin compound to improve physical and chemical characteristics of the final product.
Typical Applications:
Shopping bags
Garbage bags
Vegetable bags
Flexible packaging

Product: Biocompound for blown film
Art.: BSB-002
Grade: extrusion
Color: natural
Packaging: in octabins


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