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Highly efficient washing installations

HERBOLD wash plants, separate, dry energy-saving: Dirty, used and mixed plastics are cleaned producing high-quality regrind/recyclate.

Pre-crushing: The HERBOLD shredders for preshredding and bale breaking of the feeding material can be use in both dry and wet design. As impurities in the input material are often unavoidable in the first process stage, the machine is very robust and designed for a long service life. In addition to its high capacity, the shredder convinces with its maintenance-friendly design.

Prewash stage: The multi-stage HERBOLD prewash detects coarse foreign bodies and reduces the mineral content in order to protect the following machines from damage. Furthermore, the material is carefully pre-washed.

Crushing and washing: Material is crushed and simultaneously washed in the wet mill. The double cross cutting is one of the most important features, which allows a precise cut of the flakes and thus also removal of dirt encapsulated in pockets. A subsequent friction washer separates the contaminants from the flakes.

Hydrocyclone separation stage: In contrast to the separation tanks, where the simple weight force is used for density separation, the hydrocyclone uses centrifugal forces to improve the separation result by a factor of 15. The process water is continuously treated in a bypass at a high throughput rate and thus contamination extracted.

Drying: HERBOLD'S mechanical dryers provide high throughput rates at a low final moisture content. The high impact energy separates impurities such as paper. Depending on the feed material, very low moisture levels are achieved either completely mechanically or in combination with a thermal dryer. To process the material in an extruder in an energy-saving way.

Silo: The HERBOLD silo is particularly suitable for materials with poor flow properties. With the continuously working agitator arm and the discharge screw, we avoid bridging and enable problem-free discharge to the next unit.


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