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WFC 120, the digital water distributor of the next generation

WFC 120, the digital water distributor of the next generation
WFC 120

The new WFC 120 is a digital water distributor for injection molding tooling, which can be run with a maximum operating temperature of up to 120 °C. The appliance comes in a modular design with a minimum of four circuits and can be extended by adding more circuits in steps of two up to a total of twelve circuits.
Its compact design and integrated bulkhead plate assembly device enable the WFC 120 to be installed on the processing machine in a space-saving way, and above all close to the mold. This dispenses with laborious and costly tubing. Possible pressure loss caused by long tubes can be prevented, a factor contributing substantially to process reliability, since the absence of pressure loss extends the pump’s service life and optimizes the flow quantity.
Another benefit of the new design is its user-friendliness. All important power connections are accessible from the front.
The digital 3.5" TFT display provides visualization of the flow quantities and temperatures for every single circuit. Should any one of the circuits be out of tolerance, it can be very easily readjusted with a handwheel.
Every circuit is equipped with a vortex flow rate measurement system covering a measuring range from 1 to 20 l/min with an accuracy of ± 0.2 l/min. With the temperature sensors installed in every circuit it is possible to run applications with temperatures of up to 120 °C with a guaranteed measurement accuracy of ± 1 °C. The PT100 sensor placed inside the water inlet enables Δt monitoring.
As options, a digital interface, an alarm contact device and a remote control panel with a 5.7" TFT display are available as well.

The advantages of the WFC 120 at a glance:
• Installation close to the mold thanks to compact design
• Lightweight through use of high-tech engineering plastics
• Low maintenance requirements due to no moving parts inside the circuit
• Continuous process monitoring
• Integration into the machine via the CAN interface as standard


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