Agent company or sales representative for Maxi Melt screws and barrels

We are looking for a company / person Active in the field of extrusion for which our products,screws and cylinder, would be a valueble asset and who is well-known with processor needs as well as with machine manufacturers.

Our activities covers both North-Central and Southern Europe and our mission and vision is to deliver plasticizing units of the highest quality.

Maxi Melt offers advice, practical support, repair and delivery of new wear-resistant cylinders and screws as replacement parts for the plastics and rubber industry. We specialize in the optimization of plasticizing units for both injection molding and extrusion.

Margin improvement is often directly achievable by optimizing the processes and reducing the scrap to a minimum. Production in Western Europe can be very attractive!

Our product offer includes:
• Delivery of screws and cylinders in bimetallic, nitrided or hardened.
• Scope of delivery includes both single and twin-screw extruder units.
Both parallel and conical.
• Regeneration of screws and cylinders.
• Screw geometry design
• Wear measurement service

With our passion and enthusiasm for the subject in combination with the right dedication and follow-up, we make a difference.

Contact Fair

  • J. Brus
  • Hall A6 – A6-6515

Contact Company

  • Maxi Melt b.v.
  • Ds. K. Terpstrastraat 5
  • 8121 AP Olst