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RadiciGroup: High performance innovation for electric mobility


Combining technical and environmental performance: this is the challenge facing the entire electric mobility sector. RadiciGroup is already up and running with its expertise and 40 years’ experience in engineering polymers.
Our Group’s major strength is its vertically integrated polyamide production chain, which allows complete control and optimization at every stage of the manufacturing process – from chemical intermediates to compounding – with a view to maximizing performance.
The RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers R&D team is always working to make its contribution to the development of the automotive and transport industry, by designing advanced solutions that respect the environment and meet the safety standards of electrified vehicles.
Lightweighting is key to increasing the range of electric vehicles: this is where metal replacement with polymer materials comes in. It offers a solution delivering stable mechanical resistance and performance over the vehicle’s lifetime, which is usually longer than for a conventional non-electric vehicle.
RadiciGroup has a wide and ever-evolving product portfolio: materials for battery pack components (battery module covers, battery spacers, end plates and frames), power electronic systems (inverters and converters) and charging systems (charger plugs and recharge sockets). The "must-haves" of polymeric materials for these applications are flame retardancy, electrical insulation, mechanical and chemical resistance and retention of properties after prolonged exposure to heat.
In an effort to make a concrete contribution to reducing the impact of electric vehicles, RadiciGroup also offers solutions obtained from organic sources or recycled materials and, through the computer-aided-engineering (CAE) technology available at RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, the feasibility of a product can be assessed in the initial development stages


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