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Yizumi Germany metal technologies for processing magnesium, aluminum and zinc.

Yizumi Thixomolding Machine
Yizumi Thixomolding Machine

Yizumi is also contributing to the general trend towards reducing plastics and recycling valuable materials with its metal technology division. With our Thixomolding technology, we show that magnesium components can be produced safely and without much effort even as plastic injection molders. The parts typically weigh 30% less than fiber-reinforced plastic components, and the price advantage of 3.50 EUR per kg for the magnesium base material also makes magnesium components much more cost-effective. Magnesium is a readily available material, e.g. a waste material from the desalination of seawater, and its metallic structure makes it an ideal material for a closed recycling loop.

With our ideas in the field of aluminum structural components, you can get inspiration for your components, which could be the next platforms of car manufacturers in the field of e-cars.

Zinc, a material that will occupy us more in the future in the field of electrical engineering. With us, you can find out how zinc is processed into molded parts and how economical zinc die castings can be.


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