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Tailor-made IR solutions!
Meet Ushio’s top IR, conventional UV, excimer, and UV LED experts, at booth A2-2110. This year’s hot topics are:

Twin Tube IR Lamps – Two filament tubes, fused together, achieve new levels of durability and twice the performance in small spaces. Ushio’s famous customizations include integrated reflectors, universal burning position, and waterproofing.

Reflectors for Pin Lamps – A modular alternative to expensive, custom-built, bent IR lamps, our reflectors improve system efficiency and power density. With a choice of spot or beam profiles, any shape, pattern, or layout can be made to uniformly focus IR heat exactly where and when you need it.

EmitFit – a quick-release ceramic mounting system for swift IR lamp exchange and reduced production down-time. The new design reduces the fitting size to maximise the area devoted to IR irradiation.

IR Application Lab – Ushio offers ready-made and customized solutions, but we also invite clients to test out their manufacturing ideas at our in-house research lab. Experiment with applications including: Blow moulding, 3D printing, Automotive, Aviation, Coatings, Fibre placement, Industrial ovens, IR welding, Lamination, Thermoforming, and many more!

Ushio’s IR Application Lab project is an opportunity to improve existing designs, optimise existing processes, and thoroughly analyse infrared performance under laboratory testing conditions. As part of the IR Application Laboratory package, Ushio’s clients benefit from the expert guidance and consultation of a dedicated technical team who possess an unrivalled knowledge of IR heating radiation and IR process technology.

As a platform for collaboration, joint investigation, and analysis of IR processes, the IR Lab simulates various setups that allow the reproduction of production environments. This allows the realisation of extensive experiments that would otherwise be difficult or costly to carry out at the clients own production site.


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