Mold the Unmoldable with the UltraShot™ Injection Molding System

UltraShot™ Injection Molding System
UltraShot™ Injection Molding System

The newest family of Husky hot runners — UltraShot™ — offers dramatic advances over traditional injection technology. The UltraShot™ hot runner injection molding system features a servo-controlled injection system that permits more precise melt control than ever—right in the gate. How? By positioning the shooting pots in closer proximity to the gates and pressurizing the resin near the cavities, which reduces shear and thermal variations in part quality and performance. This enables part designers ultimate part freedom, removing design barriers caused by injection molding process constraints.

Why UltraShot™?
• Improve part design freedom
• Improve part quality and production consistency
• Preserve resin properties
• Utilize advanced closed-loop process control


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