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5 reasons why you should consider cutting plastic materials with waterjet technology.
The principle at the root of a waterjet cut is simple but still surprising. As the name suggests, a jet of water is projected out of an opening at more than twice the speed of sound. The intense flow of pressure allows the water to cut practically any composite material and any kind of ...more

The Three Solutions for Plastic Material Processing Experts
At CMS, we develop and offer vertical solutions that maximize the performance of our machining centers in any field of use. To assist experts who operate in the field of plastic materials, we propose 3 base platforms to configure the machining center and maximize return on investment: ...more

CMS Athena is getting faster and faster!
5-axis Movable-bridge machining center specifically designed for high speed processing of plastic and composite materials, providing exceptional motion dynamics to ensure high productivity. The advanced structural design avoids machining vibration and achives excellent finishing ...more

EIDOS SE: the new CMS thermoforming machine
Derived from the market benchmark model, EIDOS, the style and performance of which it retains, EIDOS SE is the new CMS thermoforming machine that effectively meets the most demanding requirements of modern thermoforming applications. Its main features are ease of use and effectiveness. In ...more