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“Questions? Get the Answers at Fakuma 2024!”
Exhibitors and expert visitors will meet at the 29th Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing from the 15th through the 19th of October, 2024. Roughly eight months before the trade fair opens, it looks like the exhibition halls in Friedrichshafen will be jam-packed once ...more

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Fakuma 2024: Focus on Efficiency
Efficiency in terms of materials, energy and operation – this is currently one of the plastics industry’s top priorities and will be the focus of attention at Fakuma 2024. Michael Wittmann, president of Wittmann Technology in Vienna, has reserved space in his calendar for the industry ...more

Fakuma Internationale Fachmesse für Kunststoffverarbeitung DI Dr Friedrich Kastner CEO
Industry Characterized by Change
For COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions, Fakuma is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe, as confirmed by managing director Dr. Friedrich Kastner. He outlines current trends, topics and challenges in the plastics industry exclusively for trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. Amongst other ...more

Celazole® TF-60V
Celazole® TF-60V is a reinforced blend with glass fibers that provides both thermal and electrical insulation, wear resistance, and dimensional stability. It combines these qualities with cost-effective direct processing. It's an outstanding option for high-temperature electrical ...more

Celazole® TF-60C
Celazole® TF-60C is a carbon-reinforced blend, ideal for parts that require high strength, very low creep, and deflection resistance. An excellent choice for planetary gears, office equipment, as well as applications in the semiconductor, electronics, and mechanical sectors.

Celazole® TL-60
Celazole® TL-60 is a lube grade blend offering superior wear resistance, low friction, chemical resistance and high load bearing capability. This material is highly suitable for rotor vanes, thrust bearings, plain bearings, bushings, and various other applications that involve managing ...more

Celazole® TU-60
Celazole® TU-60 is a high performance unfilled blend, ideal for applications requiring no fillers. This material is particularly effective for intricate shapes and boasts optimal ease of processing. It's an excellent choice for applications like lamp sockets, connectors, and backup seals.

Celazole ® T-Series
The Celazole® T-Series comprises PBI compounds tailored for injection molding and extrusion processes. By blending the impressive mechanical attributes and heat resistance of PBI with the ease of melting associated with polyaryletherketones (such as PEEK or PEKK), these offerings deliver ...more

Celazole® PBI
Celazole®, a trademark of polybenzimidazole from PBI Performance Products, Inc. will now be marketed and distriduted by BIEGLO GmbH in Europe. Polybenzimidazole is an exceptional high performance polymer thanks to its Glass transition temperature (Tg) of 427°C. By appropriate temperature ...more

Ensinger adds AURUM™ Thermoplastic Polyimide to Portfolio
Ensinger GmbH, a leading provider of high-performance polymers, is adding the thermoplastic polyimide AURUM™ TPI to its injection molding division's portfolio. BIEGLO GmbH distributes AURUM™ while Mitsui Chemicals Inc. manufactures it.Through extensive testing in its in-house technical ...more

Meldin®7000 series
The Meldin®7000 series offers polyimide rods, compression moulded tubes and finished parts. Polyimide rods have a length of 38 inch (965.2 mm). They are available with diameters from 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) to 3-1/4 inch (82.5 mm). Polyimide has extremely high temperature resistance (315 ° C) ...more

Dexnyl© PI-s thermosetting Polyimide
We offer the following Polyimide Powder: Dexnyl© PI8010: Unfilled Polyimid powder, grade used as additives for PTFE. Dexnyl© PI8020: Unfilled Polyimid powder, basic grade in the Dexnyl Polyimid series. Dexnyl© PI8021: Unfilled Polyimid powder, upgrade in the Dexnyl Polyimid ...more

AURUM™ TPI Thermoplastic Polyimide with Tg of 245 ℃
AURUM™ from Mitsui Chemicals Inc. is a highly heat-resistant super-engineering plastic that enables high production efficiency in injection molding and challenges the conventional idea that polyimides provide outstanding performance but are difficult to process. AURUM™ is the only polymer ...more

We offer the following CoPEEK granules: All four CoPEEK grades are available as granules: CoPEEK 012G: High viscosity CoPEEK 021G: Medium viscosity CoPEEK 085G: Low viscosity CoPEEK 125G: Very low viscosity

ARLEN™ PPA is a modified polyamide 6T. This is a high-functional resin with a good balance of high heat resistance and low water absorption. Approximately 40 years have passed since the creation of ARLEN™ by Mitsui Chemicals. The resin still keeps evolving further by grasping the changes ...more

KORAD™ - Acrylic Films
Spartech's Korad™ films are the preferred surfacing films for ABS, HIPS, PVC, PMMA, PC, and ASA in weather-impacted environments worldwide. Korad™ films have exceptional color stability - even under long-term exposure to UV light, visible light, moisture, heat, and cold. Korad™ films are ...more

Thermoplastics Polyolefins (TPO) – High Performance and Lightweight Sheets
Spartech's TPO meets the application needs of products in agricultural and construction equipment, trucking, marine, recreational vehicles, power sports, and lawn and garden. TPO Sheet withstands harsh, weather, chemicals, heavy vibration and heat stresses.

Polycast® - High-Quality Cast Acrylic
Spartech's Polycast® cast acrylic sheets deliver optical clarity and durability when demanding jobs and environments require both functionality and quality. Polycast® solutions are a go-to source for aerospace, transportation, security, optics, displays, aquarium tanks, arts and crafts, ...more

Royalite® - Thermoformable and Flame Rated Sheets
Spartech's Royalite® line of flame retardant sheets offers comprehensive options for applications such as construction panels, equipment housing, transit interiors, and device enclosures. Royalite® flame retardant sheets are suitable for fabrication and thermoforming technologies, and ...more

Seals, Gaskets, Bearings
Seals made of Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) are used in severe environments where other materials fail, e. g. in high temperature environments. PEEK seals offer excellent dry-running capability and sealing after a short break-in period. PEEK and Polyimide is often used for seals that are ...more

29th Fakuma Fair 15 - 19 October 2024

Visit the leading trade fair for plastics processing.

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