the next generation M-Ax mold motion controller platform.
Mold-Masters®, a leading developer and supplier of hot runners, controllers, auxiliary injection, and co-injection systems, is excited to announce the release of its next generation M-Ax mold motion controller platform The M-Ax features a simplified and more intuitive user interface ...more

3D-IsoForm Werkzeug
Auf unserem Stand bei der Fa. Nonnenmann präsentieren wir ein 3D-gedrucktes IsoForm Werkzeug.

Re-Compound nozzle
Re-compound nozzle EN 140 Re-compound nozzle EN 140 is particularly helpful with recycled products (with post-industrial recycled material from the plastics industry) as it can help to elevate their quality level to somewhere approaching that of new plastic through the addition of ...more

E-Multi mini
Mold-Masters® Expands E-Multi® Auxiliary Injection Unit Product Range to Accommodate Smaller Multi-Shot Applications! The E-mini is the smallest E-Multi intended for small shot weights as low as 0.1 cc (0.01 oz), which is suitable for a wide range of multi-shot and multi-material ...more

Project+, Let's make it FIT - Assembly ceiling ventilation
Market: air-conditioning systems Technique: injection moulding, Project+, Let's make it FIT Material: ASA + PP + EPS + EPP Particulars: Complex assembly for ceiling ventilation

Structural Foam Moulding - Example for agriculture
Structural foam moulding (also known as low-pressure foam moulding) allows some of the disadvantages of high-pressure injection moulding to be overcome. The main difference between Structural foam moulding and high-pressure injection moulding is that a chemical blowing agent is added ...more

High pressure injection moulding: Example of a Modular installation system for Solyco – SOLo
Market: Heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC), renewable energy Technique: high pressure injection moulding Materials: PA6 GF30 V0 Particulars: The SOLo module is a solar system developed to provide an elegant alternative to conventional photovoltaic power systems and created in ...more

Structural Foam Moulding - Example for a Big thick-walled bottom for roll container
Market: Logistics Technique: Structural foam moulding Material: HDPE recyclate Particulars: The development and production of large thick-walled bottoms for roll containers(thicknesses up to 12mm). Sharp tolerance (+1mm-+2mm). These bottoms are fully sustainable, and produced from ...more

Injection moulding: Example of a complex housing
Market: Leisure sailboat & Small Craft engines Technique: injection moulding and assembly Material: PP LGF-40 (polypropylene reinforced with 40% long glass fiber) Particulars: Complex housing for a 4-stroke, vertical, water-cooled diesel engine and the assembly of stickers, grommets ...more

Structural Foam Moulding - Example of a Complex housing
Market: infrastructure Technique: SF + painting Material: PS V0 Particulars: : Complex housing with lots of details, complex interior and perfect exterior in one product thanks to SF technique

DWT Nitrogen generator 5-50
The DWT Nitrogen generator 5-50 - the ideal solution for reliable and cost-effective on-site nitrogen production. With a capacity of up to 1.4 Nm³/h and purity ≥ 99.5%, the generator offers a sustainable alternative to expensive gas cylinders. Users can optimize production processes while ...more

AMT PostPro SFX for chemical vapor smoothing of 3D printed parts
The AMT PostPro SFX is an advanced machine for the automated chemical smoothing of 3D-printed parts. This innovative solution utilizes AMT's environmentally friendly PostPro Pure chemistry to deliver smooth, aesthetically pleasing surfaces that meet the highest industrial standards across ...more

Formlabs Form 4 3d printer
The Formlabs Form 4 MSLA 3D printer sets new standards in the world of additive manufacturing. Designed for demanding applications, this 3D printer offers highly precise and reliable 3D printing, characterized by impressive speed and quality. With a wide range of materials and a powerful ...more

Artec 3D 3D scanners
Artec 3D scanners, developed by Artec 3D, are innovative and state-of-the-art 3D scanning solutions that revolutionize the way real-world objects can be captured and digitized. The Artec 3D scanners, including Artec Eva, Artec Eva Lite, Artec Leo, Artec Space Spider, Artec Micro II, and ...more

Markforged X7 3D printer
The Markforged X7 is a powerful FFF 3D printer to industrial standards, offering precision and robustness combined. It was designed to reliably withstand the highest demands. Compared to traditional methods, this 3D printer provides significant time savings in the manufacturing process, ...more

Markforged Mark Two 3D printer
The Markforged Mark Two FFF Desktop 3D printer delivers highly precise and reproducible parts in industrial quality. The innovative machine allows printing with a variety of materials, including Onyx, Nylon, and precision PLA. The potential for continuous fiber reinforcement enables the ...more

Formlabs Form 3+ and Form 3L 3D-Printers
The Formlabs Form 3+ and Formlabs Form 3L 3D printers both utilize the Low Force Stereolithography Technology (LFSTM), a development of the SLA technique patented by Formlabs. Both 3D printers offer users a wide range of resin materials for cost-effective additive manufacturing of their ...more

Raise3D 3D-Printers: Raise3D Pro3 HS Series
In the 3D-MODEL range, you will find the Raise3D 3D printers of the Raise3D Pro 3 Series, Pro 3 HS Series, as well as the Raise3D E2 and E2CF. New to the range are the dual-extruder 3D printers of the Raise3D Pro3 HS Series. These offer innovative, professional solutions for a variety ...more

LOOP PRO X Series: 3D-Printers from LOOP 3D
The LOOP PRO X Series consists of the 3D printers LOOP PRO X and LOOP PRO X+, which combine innovation, performance, and versatility. Designed to meet the demands of professional applications, these 3D printers deliver impressive, high-precision results in the production of functional ...more

Revolutionary additive manufacturing – Formlabs SLS ecosystem in focus: Precise, flexible,efficient!
The Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W SLS 3D printer is an innovative solution for demanding industrial applications, enabling high-precision, cost-effective 3D printing at high speeds. With a wide range of materials, it offers versatile possibilities for various projects. Different nylon materials, ...more

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