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Laundry detergent bottles
Persil is a famous laundry detergent brand that is being sold by Henkel for more than 100 years. The liquid detergent is typically sold in bottles, of which the cap is used to measure the adequate amount for the laundry. Requirements for these bottles are changing due to global ...more

Suitcase made of recycled material
During the development of the Samsonite Essens, BPO performed simulations to investigate different design directions and to substantiate the optimal technical choice. The Essens is equipped with a unique edge construction and sealing, which limits the ingress of water. This seal also ...more

Sustainable Display Tray for HB RTS
BPO has developed a revolutionary new display system in collaboration with HB RTS and Hollarts. The durable display replaces cardboard displays in, for example, supermarkets with reusable plastic trays with interchangeable cardboard inserts. Using simulations, the uprights and the ...more