DREYPLAS GmbHHall B1 - Stand B1-1004

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  • Semifinished goods, precision parts and reinforced plastic products
    • Foils, decorative foils
    • Plain bearing materials
  • Raw materials
    • Polyether ketone (PEEK)
    • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Compounds
    • Compounds
  • Auxiliary materials
    • Cleaning agents
  • Additives
    • Flame retardants
    • Slip agents
    • Reinforcing materials

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Dreyplas GmbH offers PFAS - alternatives with and without fluorine
Mitsui Chemicals’ LUBMER™ UHMW-PE pellets and spherical powder grades HI-ZEX MILLION™ and MIPELON™, which DREYPLAS distributes, offer a range of properties close to those of fluoropolymers. Hence, in specific applications they can replace PTFE, which is more costly, in short supply and ...more