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  • Extruders and extrusion systems
    • Extrusion systems for blown film
    • Extrusion systems for flat film and plates
    • Extrusion systems for slit films, mono and multi-filaments
    • Extrusion systems for rubber
    • Extrusion systems for pipe and profiles
    • Extrusion systems for laminating and coating
    • Extrusion systems for encasing pipes and cables
  • Peripheral devices
    • Dosing equipment
    • Robotics, handling and material flow technology
    • Helical conveyors
    • Sifting machines, sifting fixtures
    • Silos and silo discharge aids
    • Dryers for semifinished goods and bulk materials
    • Drying systems (WL, IR, UV)
  • Devices for measuring, control, regulating and testing
    • Weighing equipment
  • Services
    • Design engineering
  • Machines and equipment for purification and recycling
    • Purification and recycling systems

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20. October 2023 from 14:20 to 15:00 Clock
Recycling: How innovative Material-Handling will increase your end product quality
AZO GmbH & Co. KG
Daniel Seibel
Room Berlin FORUM

Discharge and dosing systems for bridging materials, Conveying solutions for lightweight film flakes and abrasive regrinds, Mixing of regrind and virgin material to reduce cost of investment, Deodorisation of recyclates

Automatic depalletizing and emptying of bagged goods - robot-based and AI-assisted
Manual product feeding of raw materials from bags is physically demanding, error-prone and, especially when handling critical or sensitive raw materials, a hazard for both the product and the operator. For this reason, we have developed a system that performs this task for you fully ...more

Biopolymers - biodegradable plastics
Conventional plastics are made from petroleum. It is well known that this has some disadvantages. For one thing, petroleum is a fossil raw material that is not available in infinite quantities. On the other hand, these conventionally produced plastics cannot be degraded naturally and thus ...more

Turning old into new - recycling plastics in raw material automation
We are experiencing a rethink. Awareness of the finite nature of fossil resources has grown significantly in recent decades, and the increasingly clear signs of climate change and environmental pollution have shown at the latest: We must learn to use our resources sparingly and ...more

Individual raw material automation for compounding processes in the finishing of plastics
The multiplicity of applications for plastics continues to grow. Furthermore, the form, colour, design and specific properties of plastics are being constantly optimised and developed. This immense multiplicity of plastic products is what determines the everyday challenges that face ...more