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New cylinders, new accessories and many more...
1. Block cylinder with intelligent, inductive switches (BZN) - Compact hydraulic cylinder - Maximum operating pressure 320bar - Primarily used for mold construction - Piston diameters from Ø16mm to Ø100mm - Several piston diameters with standard strokes in stock - Multiple mounting ...more

Locking cylinder
The Locking Cylinder is designed for the application in injection mold manufacturing. Depending on the part geometry to be injected, it may be necessary to create a breakthrough or an undercut. The application requires keeping a core or a feeder in the cavity. This task is achieved ...more

Electro-hydraulic linear drives
ahp meets electro It sounds kind of fabulous. A development that combines the advantages of all previous technical solutions for a linear drive system in a single successful product. But what exactly is an a-ahp drive? It is a force and position controlled linear axis for high forces ...more