digicolor Gesellschaft
für Kunststoffmaschinent. mbHHall B1 - Stand B1-1210

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  • Machines and equipment for purification and recycling
    • Discontinuous mixers for solids
    • Continuous mixers for solids
    • Crushing machines (breakers, shredders, pulverisers)
    • Shredders for waste plastic
  • Peripheral devices
    • Dosing equipment
    • Colouring and mixing devices
    • Silos and silo discharge aids
    • Drying systems (WL, IR, UV)
    • Dryers for semifinished goods and bulk materials
    • Vacuum generation
Very small Gravimetric blender
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Mobile dewpoint meter for dry-air dryers
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Energy efficiency and plastics recycling
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Central material supply and drying of granulates
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Visualization for gravimetric blenders
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Equipment for medical industry
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