ABS Silo & Förderanlagen GmbHHall B3 - Stand B3-3314

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  • Peripheral devices
    • Silos and silo discharge aids
  • Semifinished goods, precision parts and reinforced plastic products
    • Storage and transport containers

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Order from Russia for A.B.S.
The Russian company has chosen flexible silos from A.B.S. because they require a relatively small storage area with a high capacity and are easy to transport and install. Other important reasons for the processor to decide in favour of A.B.S. were the fact that they can store different ...more

Flex silos are in demand where bulk materials have to be stored quickly, efficiently and safely
The A.B.S. silo and conveyor systems presents flexible storage solutions. This includes the in-house storage of bulk materials such as plastic granulates in special Flex silos or Flex containers. They adapt to the local conditions instead of wasting valuable space. For the user, the design ...more