Bio-Circle Surface TechnologyHall B1 - Stand B1-1220

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  • Auxiliary materials
    • Cleaning agents
    • Lubricants
    • Release agents

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Parts cleaner: BIO-CIRCLE L Evo
Keeping pace with the times with BIO-CIRCLE L Evo! The microorganisms in the cleaner degrade the removed oil to guarantee a long service life. BIO-CIRCLE L Evo is suitable for virtually all materials, has a high cleaning activity and has been specially designed for Bio-Circle ...more

Intelligent parts washer: BIO-CIRCLE GT-i
The parts washer with intelligent technology. So intelligent that there is more time for other things! Always ready for use with consistent, top cleaning quality. ✔ Economical ✔ Time-saving ✔ Safe ✔ Protects the environment and the user. ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD The BIO-CIRCLE GT-i ...more